Award Winning Personal Injury Law Firms in New York City

There are many law firms in New York City and if you are looking for the best firms, it’s difficult to decide especially when you don’t know what you are looking for. In this article, you’ll find a guide that can help you know which personal injury law firm to hire and what criteria you should have in picking one.

What is a personal injury case?

A personal injury case refers to when a person gets injured or gets into an accident caused by someone else. This can be made into a case and brought to court if the two parties do not agree on a settlement.

There are two ways by which a case can be settled. The first one is through filing a formal lawsuit. This means you would need to get a lawyer to represent you and to make your case. On the other hand, you can also settle a personal injury case through an informal settlement wherein the two parties meet and negotiate on the amount of damages to be paid to the victim. Although some people have a fair idea of how much damages should be awarded to them, problems arise when the one at fault refuses to pay the amount or asks for a lower settlement. This is when you need a personal injury attorney, too.


How do you choose which personal injury law firm to go to?

Ideally, you want a law firm that can benefit your case in the best way possible. If your case is an easy win, some firms will offer to represent you because there is minimal effort to get maximum benefits. But as the person who became the victim in a personal injury case, you shouldn’t pick the first law firm that grovels at your feet.

Here are a few things you should look at when choosing a law firm to represent you:


  1. Specialization

There are many kinds of personal injury cases and you want someone who specializes in your case. This is because there are many laws involving personal injury cases and you want someone who knows their way around. Ideally, attorneys know enough about the law that even if it’s not their specialty, they can still put up a good case. However, when the stakes are high and you know that the damages are costly, you want to make sure that you get the best in the field.


  1. Experience

The next thing you have to look at is the experience, particularly court experience. If worse comes to worst, you need an attorney who knows how to defend cases in court. As stated earlier, you can resolve cases through formal lawsuits or through informal settlements. As compared to formal lawsuits and court cases, informal settlements are relatively easier because your attorney does not have to put up with witnesses and a jury. However, when picking a lawyer, you should get someone who is excellent at both because you will never fully know how a case will go unless you win it.


  1. Reputation

Your attorney should be someone you trust. You can only be able to trust them if you have seen good reviews about them and you’ve heard the accounts of some of their clients. Were they treated well? Was the attorney easy to contact? Were they transparent with the case?

At Belluck & Fox NYC Personal Injury Attorneys, you don’t have to worry about having a trustworthy attorney. This firm assures you that they have superb work ethic and that their skillset and reputation is top-notch.


  1. Location

Another thing you should consider is the location. Like any other case, laws vary per state (even the statute of limitations). Because personal injury cases are crucial enough regardless of how common it is, an attorney based where you are or where the injury took place should be your only choice. You can rule out the attorneys from other states because you can be sure that they don’t know much about the laws of your state.

When picking a personal injury law firm in New York City, it’s not enough to get the best. You need to have criteria that will help you decide who to trust your best interests and cases to.