Compare Dental Discount Plans and Dental Insurance for the Best Savings

Dental Insurance Plan

Taking care of your teeth and gums should always be a priority. However, with the cost of dental services, this becomes almost impossible for at least half of the population. In fact, dental services like cleaning, fillings, and tooth extraction can already be hard to pay for.

But you can’t just abandon your dental health forever. You may be able to forego check-ups and services for a few months, but the time will come when your teeth will already hurt. And when this time comes, dental services would have increased prices again. So before this happens, you might want to consider other ways to save on dental plans. You can do this by getting a dental discount plan or a dental insurance plan.

What is a Dental Insurance Plan?

A dental insurance plan works by paying a monthly premium for a list of services (called coverage). Depending on your plan, you can either get a cap of $1000 a year or more. When you exceed this cap, you will have to pay for the dental fees that will not be covered.

Although dental insurance plans seem like a good choice, they can also be very limiting. Most plans give away two annual cleanings for free, but the rest, you have to pay for already. Dental surgeries and cosmetic surgeries are also not included.

What is a Dental Discount Plan?

A dental discount plan is similar to a dental insurance plan because you still have to pay an annual fee. The annual fee ranges from $120 to $169. But if you will notice, they are much more affordable than dental insurance. This is because you only pay for what you need in a dental discount plan. It’s like buying a membership card where the card allows you to get discounts from accredited clinics. Therefore, you just pay for the price after the discount has been deducted.

Which One Gives the Biggest Savings?

Unfortunately, there is no straight answer to this. The best plan depends on a few factors – cost, dental procedures you need, and dental providers.

First, the dental discount plan is no doubt the more affordable one. This is because annual fees are cheaper and you don’t have to pay for a whole package. This is perfect for those who do not want to commit to a dental plan for a few years. A dental discount plan also gives you at most 50% discounts on selected clinics and services. If the service you need has a discount, then this will save you a lot of money.

Nonetheless, there are times when a dental insurance plan can also be more affordable. If your employer offers a dental insurance plan, this means that you will only be paying for a portion of the whole annual fee. You aren’t just paying a part, but you’re already paying for a discounted price.

But it’s not just the cost that you have to look into. If you’ve had your teeth checked before, you already have an idea of the procedure that you need to get. Because dental discount plans don’t put a cap on your annual insurance, you can easily avail of any dental service you need. However, there is no guarantee that the service you need has a discount. On the other hand, a dental insurance plan can cover your dental procedure if it’s part of your coverage. So it depends on the services and care you are looking for to know which dental plan is better.

Lastly, you have to look at dental providers. If you want to have access to a lot of dental clinics, then your best choice is a dental insurance plan. This is because the insurance company has a wider network than your dental discount plan will ever have. This is because dental discount plans often just have a few dental providers.

In this article, both dental insurance plans and dental discount plans show that they have their own merits. One or both can be more affordable while one has a wider network of dental providers. But the best way to know which ones is the best for you is to know which factor is your priority. If it’s the cost, then a cheaper dental discount plan can be more affordable for you.